Three Steps to Become a Driving Instructor.

Instructors Courses

SDA provides training to Become Driving Instructor With reasonable fees range from £749 for ADI Part One, ADI Part Two, ADI Part Three.

The approved driving instructor (ADI) part 1 test is a Theory test. It’s the first of 3 tests you have to pass to qualify as an ADI.


Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

The test takes around 1 hour 45 minutes with 100 questions and includes: multiple-choice questions hazard perception Prepare for the multiple choice questions test and you will have 25 questions each in these 4 categories: road procedure driving test, disabilities, Diving - the essential skills and the law publications and instructional techniques traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians, the highway code and mechanical knowledge You must pass both parts at the same time to pass the test. There’s no limit to how many times you can take the test. You can take the test in English or Welsh. Hazard perception test will have 14 video clips that may cause you to take some action, such as changing speed or direction. .

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) part2 test

This is a test for your driving ability as a driving instructor. You need to pass ADI Part One test before Part Two. the test is 5 parts to pass (ADI) part 2 Test and It will take 1 hour. (1) an eyesight test, (2) vehicle safety questions ' show me, tell me', (3) Test of your Driving Ability, (4) Manoeuvres (5) Independent Driving.

ADI Part Three Exam

This is an ability test to know whether you have enough capacity to train students and DVSA examiner will watch for about 40 -45 Min you and your pupil (client centred driving lessons). The test takes around 45 min and includes an client centred driving lesson and the pupil should partly trained learner, fully trained learner, full and licence holder. NOTE YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE A NEW BEGINNER LEARNING DRIVE AND AN APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR (ADI) OR (ADI) PART 3:

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part One


The approved driving instructor (ADI) part 1 test is a theory test. It’s the first of 3 tests you have to pass to qualify as an ADI.

You must have been accepted to start the qualifying process by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and check Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) before you book the ADI Part 1 test.

Part 2 Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Documents required

Pass certificate of ADI part 1 test

    • UK driving license (valid passport should be brought if photo card driving license is not available)
    • Suitable car
  • Rules for the car you use
    • be able to reach the normal performance for vehicles of its type
    • have working seat belts
    • be taxed, insured and have a valid MOT if it needs one
    • have an easily adjustable seat with a head restraint for a forward-facing front passenger
    • not display L plates – or D plates in Wales
    • be checked and fixed if it has a known safety fault
    • have right-hand steering
    • not be fitted with a ‘space saver’ tyre for the test
    • be a saloon, hatchback or estate car in good working condition – you can’t use a convertible

If you have manual license you can use manual and automatic cars but if you have automatic license you can only use automatic cars.

Test result
    • 3 types of faults can be marked after the test and
      • Driving fault- not dangerous
      • Dangerous fault-danger to everyone
      • Serious fault-could be dangerous

You will be passed if you make less than 6 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults

You can take test again if you fail the test until 2 times have completed. You will have to take the ADI Part1 test again if you fail for third tim

Part 3 Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Exam will assist you

  • instructional techniques
    • plan the lesson
    • communicate with the ‘pupil’
    • control the lesson
    • use question and answer techniques
    • give feedback and encourage the ‘pupil’
    • match your level of instruction to the ability and experience of the ‘pupil’
  • core competencies
    • identify and prioritize faults
    • give instruction to correct faults
    • analyze and explain faults
  • instructor characteristics
    • appear confident, and are able to fill your ‘pupil’ with confidence in a patient and tactful way
    • have a relaxed and friendly manner, but aren’t over familiar
Documents for appearing the test
  • You must bring:
    • your UK driving license
    • a suitable car (abiding all rules provided in ADI Part two test)
  • you can bring a log of the training you have been doing qualify as an approved driving instructor (ADI) :
    • the examiner’s liability for all third-party and damage risks
    • liability to all passengers
    • any Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) examiner
  • DVSA will not normally give out personal information for your insurance. In rare situations, on the day of the test the examiner will:
    • confirm they are over 25 years old
    • give you their full name
Test procedure and result
  • You’ll have to give practical instruction to the examiner
    • a beginner or partly trained person
    • a qualified driver taking driver development training
    • a person who is about test standard